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Silicon Based Anti-stripping Additive

Nano-technology based Anti-stripping Additives are the latest innovation in asphalt road construction technology. Having the space age technology and acting as an adhesion promoter / water proofing agent, these additives utilize the bond formation at molecular level, so they are low dose products with ultimate thermal stability.

Our Nano-technology products work on synergistic combination of molecular amine and silicon acting as reactant as well as facilitator for active bridge formation between road aggregates and bitumen. The bond formation by these additives are very stable and provide a very long water protection for the treated surface.

Mode of action :

  • Nano-technology based Anti-stripping Additives are based on silicon and amine molecular chemistry. These products assist in formation of a non-reversible covalent bond between bitumen and silica present in road aggregates. Since this bonding is at molecular level, it is one of the toughest in present day chemistry, which is resistant to the action of higher temperatures or water.
  • When these innovative Nano-technology products are mixed with bitumen, the polyamine groups react with organic acids present in bitumen and create a basic environment beneficial for stronger bitumen-aggregate bond formation and molecular reactive silicon forms complex silicon bridge intermediates.
  • When the Nano-technology anti-stripping additive treated bitumen is mixed with common road aggregates, the active silicon bridge intermediates in bitumen readily form covalent bond with nearest silicon molecules on aggregate surface. This bond is physically and chemically resistant so it does not allow ingress of water between bitumen-aggregate interfaces.
  • Since the active silicon bridge formation takes place at molecular (Nano) level, a small dose of these products are enough to achieve complete protection from water damage.