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About us

Roads are the backbone of a country's economy but the high level of emission generated in paving of conventional asphaltic pavements is always a major concern. To reduce carbon emissions during the life cycle of roads, major maintenance using conventional hot-mix techniques must be reduced. Anti-stripping Agent is the green chemicals to reduce water induced damage to bituminous pavements and extend the life of the pavement. These products are used at the time of road construction with conventional hot-mix surfacing. Bitumen Emulsions are cold-mix products for road construction and maintenance. Since they do not require heating before use, the worldwide use of Bitumen Emulsion is growing rapidly. Bitumen Emulsifiers are the products which are used to stabilize the fine suspension of Bitumen droplets inside water. "Petrochem Specialties" is the leading manufacturer and exporter of Asphalt Additives in India. With standard quality system confirming to ISO: 9001-2008, company is able to provide economical yet quality products globally.

Petrochem Specialities is an ISO:9001-2008 certified manufacturer and exporter of Bituminous and specialized multi-application products for more than 30 years. The company was founded in 1978 to develop and commercialize chemicals and additives for bitumen and petrochemicals including Anti-stripping Additives, Fatty-quat Emulsifiers, water-repellants etc., since 1998 the company also started the production of Bituminous cold Emulsion (BIS-ISI marked). In INDIA company operates the Asphalt Additive production plant at Muzaffarnagar (Uttar Pradesh) alongwith two units for exclusive production of Bitumen Emulsions which are run by our associate company under a technical collaboration at Kosi-Kalan (Distt. Mathura, Uttar Pradesh)and Yeldurthy (Hyderabad - Andhra Pradesh).

Petrochem Specialities is a 100% R&D based company wherein all the products have been developed through in-house research. The company products confirm to Indian and International standards and company follows ISO-9001-2008 quality system to provide best quality products with excellent customer satisfaction. Company's range of "DERBO" Anti-stripping Additives is a widely acknowledged range of adhesion promoter products for over 20 years and has proven track records of reducing damage to Bituminous Pavements due to rain and moisture.

This range has been tested by CRRI-New Delhi, IIP-Dehradun, SIIR-Delhi and UPPWDRI-Lucknow with excellent results. This range offers products ranging from high performance premium products to economical variants. Also the "WETBOND" range of conventional and Nano-technology Anti-stripping Additives are front runners through the quality and economy. The "COOLTAR-CE" range of Bitumen Emulsions has a very good reputation among the road construction organizations due to good quality. In India, this range is preferred by various NHAI and BOT road contractors. This product is available in grades confirms to IS / ASTM standards. The company has a sufficient production capacity to cater for the needs of all reputed customers. The company is constantly engaged in development of future products through extensive R&D. The vision of the company is to provide products exceeding the requirements of national and international standards with best economy and availability.


Name of CEO Mr. Satish Agarwal
Year of Establishment 1979
Nature of Business Manufacturer & Exporter
Market Covered Worldwide