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Solid Thickener

Solid Thickener

Product Details

Usage Used to Increase the Viscosity of a Liquid System to Adjust Its Flow Properties.
Form Powder
Chemical Name Modified Galactomannan
Viscosity 3000 cps ( 0.5% aqueous solution)
Water Content 15% max.
Type Chemical

Additional Information

Packaging Details Available in 25 Kg. LDPE Lined Paper Coated HDPE Bags.

Thickeners are used to increase the viscosity of a liquid system to adjust its flow properties.

Bitumen Emulsions have a lot of variation in their viscosities depending on the type of bitumen used, type of emulsifier, dose of acid, particle size distribution etc. Most of the time an external viscosity improving agent is required to meet specifications and coating properties.

Solid thickeners are the powders obtained from complex natural products modified by chemical cleavage and re-formation to provide stability in low pH meadium. "BeGel" is a modified polygalactomanan type low dose product which is compatible with most grades of Bitumen Emulsion and emulsifiers. This product is added into hot water before formation of Bitumen Emulsion to obtain high viscosity.

Physical properties:
Fine Power in light yellow colour with chararcteristic Odour, substantially non-hazardous but irritant on prolong contact. Dispersible in water, giving thick colloidal dispersion. Shows mild alkaline pH in water.

Typical Doses & method of addition :
BeGEL should be used between 0.1% to 0.5% w/w of Water. BeGEL should be added to hot water (Temperature between 50 and 80 Degree centigrade) in smaller quantities using a dispersing device like sieving through 0.6 mm sieve with constant stirring to avoid lumping. Stirring should be continued for 15 minutes and then the liquid can be used normally in place of water. If lumping occurs, the liquid can be filtered through 0.6 mm sieve to avoid agglomeration.

Storage and handling :
BeGEL can be stored in air-tight containers/polybags in a cool and dry place. If exposed to air, the product can absorb moisture and lumps can form, in such case the material can be dried in hot-air oven at a temperature of 100° centigrade for 1 hour followed by cooling in desiccators and grinded to a fine mesh.

Inhalation of dust can cause suffocation. Protective face mask, goggles and gloves must be worn during handling this product.

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