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Slow Setting Ready Emulsifier

Slow Setting Ready Emulsifier

Product Details

Uses Ready to Use Emulsifier for Slow Setting Cationic Bitumen Emulsions.
Chemical Name Quaternized Fatty polyamine
Flash Point >130°C
Amine Value >80
Nitrogen% >3.0
Specific Gravity ~1.10

Physical properties :
Liquid at room temperature with acrid odour, irritant for skin with burning sensation. Highly miscible with water, gives soap like solution. The water solution has low pH suitable for production of cationic bitumen emulsions of Slow Setting grades.

Emulsion Production methodology (using standard on-site production plant) :
Hot bitumen at 120-130°C is kept ready in bitumen dosing tank of emulsion plant (Add solvent mix to bitumen for SS-1). In water dosing tank, soft water (free from harmful salts) is heated to 70°C, then required dose of PSEM-SS-ABR is poured in water and stirred for 5 minutes (referred as soap solution). The soap solution and hot bitumen are then fed to the colloid mill in proper ratio and the final emulsion coming out of colloid mill outlet is collected in a storage tank. The final emulsion is then cooled and used as required

Storage and Handling :
PSEM-SS-ABR can be stored in HDPE tanks. Material can gel upon prolong storage in cold temperature, but all the properties remains equally good. PSEM-SS-ABR contains acids for pH adjustment and may cause irritation or burns to skin and eyes. Protective goggles and gloves must be worn during handling this product. Vapours are harmful, avoid inhaling.

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Technical Specification

Typical Emulsion Formulation CSS-1 SS-1
Bitumen 0.6 0.5
PSEM-SS-ABR 2.00 - 3.00% 2.50 - 3.00%
Solvent Mix 0 0.3
Water to 100% to 100%

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